Tre giorni al Caffè Internazionale di Palermo con Jesal Kapadia and Mattia Pellegrini.

Tre giorni di discussioni, riflessioni, risonanze.

16-17-18 novembre


You asked me: What is there around us and between us that allows this?

What un-seeable and un-sayable forms orient us, shape us, and move us?

She said: Our body is actually an upside down tree.

An exploration of materiality that is felt through invisible forces: from unfinished thoughts and telepathy, to informal economies and imagination that orients us towards a principle of autonomy; from feminist awakenings beyond gender and sexuality, to the grace that comes from the power of a song.

Are you sitting comfortably?

I dont know, I said, how should we sit differently?

And if she asked, Who are you? (where one is not requesting a kind of autobiographical anecdote or identity card), then the answer would be, What about you?

A Productive un-doing: approaching what is not exclusively ends-driven, giving equal merit to process and refusing to participate in any perpetuation of the status quo, and in doing so appearing un-generative, but with commitment to inessential things, inconsequential non-reproductive thoughts, feeling backward, reversing the imaginary of successive time to develop characteristics of movement without ending, without constructing too complete images of everything.

But how can we ensure that our practices are not captured, subsumed, revolted against ourselves? What imperceptible forms should we nourish to withstand the torment that we are living through? There is a language that keeps the eye open towards the figure of the artist as a vertical, brilliant subject – how can this language, such subjectivity, be removed?

She said: Take the trouble, to imagine the text as textile. Why throw away beautifully developed tools? Turn them around.

Thinking – to think, in fact, also means to experience a communion, a shared sentiment

Feeling – isn’t it an exposure to one’s own limits to open to the other, to tune our hearing and allowing oneself to be contaminated by the mysterious power of regeneration of the vital force, wherever it is?

Playing – with tools malleable enough that we can use them differently

To resonate through poetry, music, cinema, writing.

She said: Resonance. I really like this term.

Resonance is a relationship that can be established between two or more of us who do not necessarily live in the same place or at the same time. It’s a way of seeing your own experience that reflects someone else’s experience.

What we are doing here opens up the possibility of finding resonance with others outside here.